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Twitter goes nuts over Kemba Walker’s excessive flopping

Kemba Walker, Celtics, NBA

Boston Celtics guard Kemba Walker has been spending a lot of time with his teammate Marcus Smart in the NBA bubble, which is probably why he flopped so hard in Game 5 to sell a foul call.

Unfortunately for Kemba, aside from getting called for a blocking foul and losing the eventual challenge, the four-time NBA All-Star got mocked online for his obvious flop.

NBA Twitter was soon filled with hilarious memes about Walker’s terrible and unconvincing acting job.

While the acting job is expected from Marcus Smart, Kemba Walker had been flailing to fish for contact on multiple occasions during their do-or-die NBA showdown on Friday.

Replays caught Walker red-handed in the three-minute mark of the second quarter when he baited his head right into Jimmy Butler’s arm in a bid to get an offensive foul.

Kemba’s antics didn’t stop there, as he was once again called for the same shenanigans after the halftime break. Walker was tightly guarding opposing guard Goran Dragic when he cocked his head back and fell to the ground after initiating the contact.

Luckily for Kemba and the Celtics, they managed to win the game and extend the NBA playoff series to a Game 6. Boston won Friday’s game, 121-108, to cut the series deficit to just 3-2.