As the NBA Draft inches closer and closer, there is a storyline that will keep heating up until it eventually happens which is the team that selects USC Trojans guard Bronny James, the son of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. The one team that could be in contention to draft Bronny which would possibly entice his father would be the Phoenix Suns.

In a report by Shams Charania of The Athletic used by AZCentral, “The Phoenix Suns will conduct a workout with Bronny James ahead of the June NBA Draft, sources say. Phoenix has the 22nd pick and he is among several players in consideration. Bronny has over 10 workout invites but is expected to only visit a few teams, including Lakers and Suns.”

It is also important to remember that the Suns are not the only team that have invited the young star for a workout as he “has over 10 workout invites,” but the Suns' pick is vital. While Bronny has usually been predicted to go in the second round of the draft, the Suns could jump the gun and grab him with their 22nd overall pick just so they beat any other team after them.

LeBron James and Kevin Durant teaming up on the Suns?

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) against Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant (35) at Footprint Center.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While any Suns fan can get behind the idea of LeBron James joining the likes of Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal, they will have to wonder how the contract situation works with all those stars. It has been known that Phoenix is top heavy in paying their stars but the conversation has been involving James taking a veterans minimum contract as he aims to play with his son as discussed by Charania and Doug Haller.

“Is it possible drafting [Bronny James] could help the Suns lure LeBron to the desert on a minimum contract?” they wrote. “Probably not. But if you’re Jones and owner Mat Ishbia, it doesn’t hurt to explore.”

LeBron James talking about teaming up with Bronny

It is arguably the worst kept secret in basketball that James wants to play with his son or at the very least, be on the same floor. He expressed this as early as Jan. 2023 where he stated in an interview with Dave McMenamin of ESPN that “I would love to do the whole Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. thing,”

“I need to be on the floor with my boy, I got to be on the floor with Bronny,” James said. “Either in the same uniform or a matchup against him. I don't mean like [guarding one another all game] — because he's a point guard and I'm a, at this point now I'm playing center or whatever the team needs from me,” James said. “But I would love to do the whole Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. thing. That would be ideal for sure.”

“I ask him what are his aspirations, and he says he wants to play in the NBA,” James continued. “So, if he wants do to it, he's got to put in the work. I'm here already, so, I'm just waiting on him.”

Bronny James wants to make a name for himself, could be with Suns

Some could say that it is insulting for Bronny James since the main reason he would be drafted is because it would lure his father to the team of choice. However, as he was speaking to the media during the NBA Scouting Combine, the Trojan expressed that he does not believe that to be the case and wants to make a name for himself according to Yahoo Sports.

“Honestly, I feel like this is a serious business,” Bronny said. “I don’t think there would be a thought of, ‘I’m just drafting this kid because I’m going to get his dad,’ I don’t think a GM would really allow that, I think I’ve put in the work and if I get drafted it will be because of not only the player but also the person I am.”

“Everything that follows my dad, people just try to link me with that and all the greatness he’s achieved and I haven’t done anything yet,” Bronny continued. “So there needs to be that divide between Bronny and LeBron. I just want to let people know that my name is Bronny James and not being identified as LeBron James’ son.”

Bronny James talks the pressure 

It is a lot of pressure for Bronny James as he is not only the son of what some people believe is the greatest basketball player of all time, but he is also only 19-years old having only played one year in college. However, all the attention and pressure thrown his way has made him “into a stronger individual.”

“It’s a lot and it’s built me into a stronger individual,” James said. “All of this, I’m extremely grateful, but it’s a lot sometimes. I don’t ever want to be that guy and say that all this pressure is what’s compelling me to not perform as well. It’s something that I have to deal with and it’s been present my whole life.”

“I’m extremely grateful to be here and given the opportunity to be here,” James continued. “I’m just trying to showcase my best work that I’ve been putting in after the season and just take it all in.”

With that pressure comes the massive criticism whether it be from fans or even media personalities saying that he should have stayed in college basketball before inserting himself into NBA competition.

“I obviously see everything that’s been thrown my way, but I just have to shrug it off,” Bronny said. “They haven’t seen what I’ve been through or anything like that, so I just continue to believe in myself and keep putting in the work.”

In any sense, the Suns drafting Bronny James and therefore getting his father on a minimum contract would be the best case scenario. However, anything can happen from the current moment and the draft as Phoenix fans are now at the edge of their seats wondering what they will do with their 22nd overall pick after being swept in the first round of the playoffs.