It's been well known for quite some time that the Phoenix Suns and Jae Crowder are heading for a split. Crowder wants a new deal that the Suns aren't willing to give him, as they turned the starting power forward role over to Cam Johnson prior to him suffering a meniscus injury. As a result, Crowder has refused to suit up for the Suns and is waiting to be dealt before playing this season.

There was a legitimate question of whether or not Crowder would return with Johnson on the sidelines, but neither side appears interested in that now. Either way, it sounds like Crowder could be on the move sooner or later, as it was reported that the Suns were close to pulling off a three-team deal involving Crowder prior to their 130-119 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night.

“Word is the Suns appeared close to finalizing a three-team trade involving Jae Crowder prior to tip-off tonight against Golden State,” reports Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports.

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This is an interesting update on Crowder's status, as it looks like he's close to being dealt. But at the same time, there's no update on the two other teams involved, which leaves things up in the air. It's also a bit strange that the deal ultimately didn't end up getting completed on Wednesday night, so that means everyone should be keeping their eyes peeled on a potential move for Crowder throughout Thursday.

For now, Crowder is still on the Suns, but it doesn't seem like that will be the case for much longer. With a trade seemingly close to being completed, it will be worth seeing if a deal gets completed soon, and which teams are involved. The Crowder saga, which has dragged on for a few months now, could be coming to an end quite soon.