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Latest premium NBA Top Shot pack drop gets release date

NBA Top Shot pack drop, Premium Pack

Who here gets easily distracted by shiny objects? Well, you might want to look away because NBA Top Shot is dropping their latest Premium Pack, and it’s as shiny as any moment can be.

NBA Top Shot announced on Wednesday that they’ll be dropping a bunch of new Mettalic Gold Limited Edition Series 2 Moments on Thursday, April 22 at 2 pm PDT.

Set your alarms, Top Shot junkies!

This is the second Premium Set that will drop for this 2020-21 season. This time around, key stars from all over the league will be headlining the NBA Top Shot pack drop. There will be a total of 54 MGLE Moments tucked inside these packs, including all-new Rare Moments from Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics and Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers.

A handful of new Base Set Moments will also be in circulation as part of the NBA Top Shot pack drop. You can check out the full list of the Moments here.

Here are some key facts about the drop:

  • Each pack costs $99
  • There will be a total of six (6) Series 2 Moments inside each pack (one Rare Mettalic Gold LE Moment and five Common Base Set Moments)
  • A total of 17,427 Premium Packs will be released
  • For those who luck out of these premium packs, a Rebound Pack worth $9 will be waiting for you so best to stay in the queue

Like what they did in previous drops, NBA Top Shot has set eligibility requirements for users to join the pack to prioritize legitimate collectors in the platform. Users who have any of the following are eligible for this drop:

  • Own 1+ Metallic Gold LE Moment
  • Own 2+ Rare Moments
  • Own 15+ Moments
  • There is also an additional requirement of spending at least $99 on the Marketplace (excluding pack purchases)

As always, NBA Top Shot did not announce these requirements ahead of time to weed out bad actors. Accounts who have met the aforementioned requirements on or before the snapshot on Tuesday, April 20 at 11 AM PDT, should be eligible to join the drop. You can check your eligibility status here.

The waiting room for the Premium Pack (Series 2, Drop 2) opens at 1:30 PM PDT on Thursday, April 22. See ya’ll in the queue!