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Wizards will continue playing with fans despite Warriors’ latest move

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The Washington Wizards will continue to play games with NBA fans in attendance despite the coronavirus outbreak.

Thursday’s game between the Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets will be played at the Chase Center with no fans:

Via Monumental Sports & Entertainment:

At the current direction of the NBA and NHL, our games will go on as scheduled and be open to spectators. We are in constant contact with both leagues and should they update their guidance, we will update the public accordingly.

The NBA is limiting locker room access to only player and essential team personnel in response to the coronavirus. Teams were also instructed to create a six to eight-foot distance between players and media in availability sessions outside locker rooms.

The NBA has already sent multiple memos to teams to prepare contingency plans in case they need to play games without fans in attendance due to the ongoing coronavirus. Teams have also been asked to identify “essential staff” to be present for such games if the need arises.

Soccer and basketball games in Europe have been played without fans in recent weeks. It appears the Wizards are going to go ahead and keep things the way they are for the time being.

Among the NBA’s short-term recommendations to teams in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak are for players to utilize fist-bumps over high-fives with fans. Furthermore, there are bigger concerns being addressed in the NBA. The possibility that pre-draft combines, on-site workouts and international scouting events could become more limited are a possibility.