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Nets star James Harden gets blasted by Dejounte Murray over malicious play vs Spurs

Nets, James Harden, Dejounte Murray

Brooklyn Nets superstar made his long-awaited return to action on Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs. The former league MVP, however, was involved in a bit of controversy surrounding what many consider to be an intentional trip on Spurs guard Dejounte Murray.

Murray himself has since seen the replay of the play in question and he did not hold back with his message for Harden. In a now-deleted tweet, Murray called out the Nets star for what he believes to be a malicious act by Harden (h/t Dan Feldman of NBC Sports):

Dejounte Murray, James Harden

In case you haven’t seen the contentious sequence, here it is:

Even the biggest James Harden fan would be hard-pressed to try and defend the Nets guard here. He clearly extended his right leg as Murray was landing, and it did look like it was in an attempt to trip the Spurs stud.

Fortunately, Harden missed and Murray was able to retain his balance. This could have resulted in an ugly injury for Murray and we have to say, the foul called on Harden is warranted — even though he tried to play the innocent card right after the whistle.

For his part, Murray was clearly incensed by Harden’s blatant unsportsmanlike act. Not only did he call Harden a “Suckaaaaaaa” and a clown, but Murray also seemed to have implied that he would have done something about it had he known that Harden tried to do what he did.

James Harden is undeniably one of the best players in the NBA today. However, it’s hard to deny that plays like these absolutely hurt his reputation.