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Kevin Durant’s brutally frank remark won’t make James Harden thrilled

Nets, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Heat

With an offseason filled with more drama than the entire 17576475 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, the Brooklyn Nets are still navigating their way in the early goings of the new season. While Kevin Durant has been awesome as usual, his greatness hasn’t necessarily translated to wins.

The Nets lost at home to the Miami Heat on Wednesday night, 106-93, dropping to 2-3 after their first five outings. Durant and company had several chances to steal the win, but the visiting Heat displayed enough composure in the end game.

Despite the loss, Durant chose to stick with the positives after the game. But his assessment of the squad might not make his running mate James Harden too happy (via ESPN).

“I like how we’re playing defense the last couple games. I like where our defense is trending. I feel like we’re generating good shots. We’re just (not) knocking them down. If we continue to generate good shots we’ll put ourselves in good position.”

If you haven’t noticed, Harden has been struggling mightily for the Nets. Against the Heat, he only shot 4-of-12 from the field. So far, the former MVP is shooting at an awful 34.7 percent. As Durant said, they’re not sinking their attempts. But the new rules might also be affecting Harden’s offensive mindset.

Another supposed shooter for the Nets, Joe Harris, has yet to find his mark as well, shooting at less than 34 percent in their first five games.

Kevin Durant almost singlehandedly carried the Nets in the NBA Playoffs last season. If things don’t change quickly, he might be forced to do the same again.