Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant was quick to jump into another fun interaction with a Twitter fan who rambled about Jalen Rose's take. The former NBA player was of the opinion that Michael Jordant would score 40 points or more in today's NBA.

Knowing the fan was on his side, the Brooklyn Nets star added an even more enticing question to the table: How many points does Rose think he would average in today's NBA?

Rose didn't shy away from answering though, poking fun at himself a bit:

Plenty of critics and pundits have come out of the woodwork to say NBA players of yesteryear would have found more ways to thrive in an NBA that is tailored for high-octane scoring. Yet today's players, who have technology on their side as well as a wealth of training options, wouldn't see the light of day in a more physical environment like the '80s and the '90s.

All of this rhetoric is part of a revisionist's history on the heels of “The Last Dance,” an ESPN docuseries detailing the last three-peat of the Chicago Bulls.

In it, Michael Jordan can be seen enduring harsh criticism and never-ending scrutiny from the media, as well as the brutally physical nature of “The Bad Boys.”

Yet to give more credit to West and Jordan for thriving in their own era while discrediting others like Durant and LeBron James, who are greats of their own — is simply nonsensical.

Great players adapt and find ways to thrive, no matter the obstacles. Rose might have gotten a bit carried away and given too much credit to legends of yesteryear without giving the Nets superstar and company his fair due.