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Kevin Durant gets destroyed by Stephen A. Smith over Kyrie Irving comments

Nets, Kevin Durant, Stephen A. Smith, Kyrie Irving

Kevin Durant recently broke his silence about Kyrie Irving’s situation with the Brooklyn Nets. Speaking on his podcast, KD explained why he basically has nothing to say about all this drama. Durant said that this was Kyrie’s livelihood at stake here, which simply means that he can’t get involved.

Stephen A. Smith is having none of that. The ESPN broadcaster proceeded to annihilate Durant over his comments on his Nets teammate — or the lack thereof:

“If you gonna have a podcast, don’t you have to say something?” Smith asked. “He said absolutely nothing. Nothing. Nothing. You gotta speak my brother.”

Smith was quick to point out how Durant had a similar non-response to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors winning a title without him. After that, Stephen A argued that Durant has an obligation to let the people know how he truly feels about all this brouhaha surrounding Kyrie and the Nets:

“We know you can’t tell him what to do because it’s his life, but what about the lives he’s affecting, meaning yours,” Smith said.

Stephen A. then went on to pose a myriad of questions about Irving’s situation in Brooklyn — queries that he believes KD should have addressed. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy about Durant’s official stance on this matter.

Kevin Durant is not one to keep his feelings to himself, but in this particular situation, it appears that the Nets superstar is more than happy to stay mum.