James Harden had a dominant start to his Brooklyn Nets career. The Beard's stellar play wasn't lost on Kevin Durant, who knows what the rest of the league is in for, especially since the team isn't even at full strength.

Speaking with the media following the Nets 122-115 win over the Orlando Magic, Durant lauded over Harden's debut triple-double, in which he scored 28 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and dished out 14 assists.

KD on Harden's #Nets debut triple double: “Man it was incredible. You could see him trying to figure out the best way to play early on. The he just got into his mode and was being aggressive, trying to score; that opened up the game for the rest of us.” (via NY Post's Brian Lewis)

Durant could already envision the unstoppable offensive sets they can run with such dynamic scoring weapons. Everyone and their mama knows that the Nets will be a force to be reckoned with once Irving is back on the team.

“I can't wait to have our full team together, seeing what types of shots we can get for our shooters. It's going to be tough for anyone to double us & trap us in the pick-and-roll.”

Harden's strong performance on all fronts of the game has to give Nets fans hope. One thing some critics have questioned about how the newest Big Three in the NBA will work is how all three players will play with each other, considering they all need to get their shots.

Harden's 14 assists showed that he is able to dish as well as he is able to swish and that selfishness should not be a problem amongst the three. The big question now will be how Irving acclimates himself into the new framework of the team once he returns, whenever that will be.