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Nets star Kyrie Irving blasts ‘rotten’ system after Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

Kyrie Irving Nets Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

Kyrie Irving may not be making noise on the court this season, but the Brooklyn Nets guard rarely stays silent on social issues – and the Kyle Rittenhouse decision is no exception.

The Nets star posted a pointed reaction on Twitter, calling out the “rotten” system.

“This system is rotten to the core,” said the Nets guard. Expose it ALL!”

The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse has garnered a handful of reactions from around the league, including one from Irving’s own Nets coach Steve Nash.

“We haven’t talked about it,” said a somber Steve Nash. “These situations are disappointing. It’s important to not become demoralized. And for people to continue to fight for the type of justice and equality that I think serves all. And while I think it raises a lot of eyebrows, questions, a lot of pain, it’s important that we recognize there has to be a path forward. It can’t be ‘well this is just the way it is.’”

Kyrie Irving has never been one to trust the establishment. The result likely did nothing to deter the innate distrust from the Nets guard, who continues to hold out against the NBA and city mandated COVID-19 vaccine in order for him to play.