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Warriors coach Steve Kerr’s ‘scary’ take on Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

Steve Kerr Kyle Rittenhouse Warriors verdict

The Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal became a hotly discussed topic among NBA stars and coaches across the country as the 18-year-old was cleared of all charges on Friday. Steve Kerr was asked to weigh in on the news after the Golden State Warriors’ win over the Detroit Pistons on Friday night.

The Warriors head coach expressed his concern for the not guilty verdict, harping on what the ruling means for gun laws and what the situation would look like in future civil unrest.

Via Evan Webeck:

“Yeah, I mean, the thing I’m most concerned about is the laws in this country,” said the Warriors coach. “The fact that we are seemingly okaying a teenager’s right to take an AR-15 into an area where there’s civil unrest, that’s really scary and concerning. But this is where we are with gun laws. This is why we have to have safer gun laws in place, to protect ourselves, to protect each other. It wasn’t a shocking verdict. But one that poses a great risk going forward if we continue to go down this path of opеn carry and statеs determining that people can just carry- even underage people and weapons of war — this is America. We’re treading down a dangerous path.”

The Warriors coach is just one of a handful of NBA voices expressing concern amid the ruling on Kyle Rittenhouse. The NBA has consistently stayed vocal among issues of national public interest, and this one is no exception