Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving isn't exactly the most beloved figure in Boston. But one fan went way too far, hurling a filled up water bottle at the former Celtics guard.

Check out the incident below involving the Nets All-Star, as reported by ESPN reporter Malika Andrews:

The fan was immediately detained by the in-arena security. Don't be surprised if that fan won't be allowed back to any remaining Nets-Celtics games, or for any other game for that matter.


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Absolutely disgusting. This occurrence involving the Nets star comes after a worrisome string of events involving fans hampered playoff series around the NBA. First, there was the Russell Westbrook incident, when a fan showered the Washington Wizards star with popcorn as he was headed to the locker room to treat his ankle injury.

Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young was nearly spat on during Game 2 against the New York Knicks, which felt incredibly stupid given that we're still in a pandemic. Now, add Nets' Kyrie Irving to the growing list of victims.

The NBA has just started allowing more and more fans into arenas to create the playoff atmosphere of old and generate a true home-court advantage. Fans need to stop being complete idiots and just be happy to be back to watch their favorite athletes.