One of the biggest concerns in the wake of the Brooklyn Nets' recent coup on James Harden is whether or not he can co-exist with the Nets' two other superstars in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Unsurprisingly, both Durant and Irving were reportedly all-in on bringing Harden to Brooklyn in the hours leading up to the blockbuster trade.

Nets general manager Sean Marks himself shared how he consulted with KD and Kyrie before pulling the trigger on the deal, and how their conviction towards working with Harden proved to be a key factor in Brooklyn going through with the trade:

“[I was] getting their thoughts and really wanting to hear what their commitment was going to be, what their conviction was,” Marks said in a news conference Thursday, via Malika Andrews of ESPN. “I enjoyed hearing that conviction, and we've got some time to see how it translates on the court.”

This isn't surprising considering Durant and Harden were once teammates with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This may have been many years ago, but the pair established a lasting friendship during their time together in OKC.

As for Irving, we're just glad he's on speaking terms with the Nets. The All-Star point guard has been at the center of some controversy of late, with his alleged desire not to play basketball.

It goes without saying, however, that showing conviction doesn't necessarily mean that this experiment will work. It's a great first step, but this new trio will need to figure out how to play with each other before we even talk about contending for a championship.