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VIDEO: Kyrie Irving’s lame dunk attempt has the entire Nets bench going nuts

Kyrie Irving Nets dunk

The Brooklyn Nets put on a show in their Thursday night tile against the Orlando Magic. Kyrie Irving was at the very thick of the action, but not in this particular (almost) dunk attempt.

Kyrie left his teammates disappointed after converting what looked like a ring-tap layup on a wide-open fastbreak play (h/t Bleacher Report on Twitter):

What makes this clip so hilarious is how the Nets bench reacted to Irving’s fastbreak deuce. Kyrie’s teammates were on their feet in anticipation of a huge dunk after he swiped the ball away on the previous play. Jeff Green’s level of disappointment — something you can clearly see on his face — takes the cake here.

Then again, what were they expecting? Irving isn’t exactly an above-the-rim type of dude so there was no way he was going to finish the play with a 360 tomahawk slam.

For what it’s worth, Irving himself was laughing after the play. He knew what his teammates were expecting and he also knew how he let them down. As usual, James Harden gave his BFF a consolation hug to tell him that everything was going to be alright. They were up by 23 points at that point in the game, anyways.