Nets news: Spencer Dinwiddie shuts down GoFundMe after it flops, pledges to help charity
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Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie shuts down GoFundMe after it flops, pledges to help charity

Spencer Dinwiddie, Nets

Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie brought his GoFundMe campaign to a crashing end after it massively failed to reach the $24,632,630 goal. Meeting that large sum would have allowed fans to pick a team of their choice for him to sign with once Dinwiddie’s deal with the Nets expired.

According to Ian Begley of SNY, a source close to Dinwiddie said the Nets guard was fully aware that the campaign would flop, instead doing so to raise money for a good cause.

Via Nets Wire:

“One person close to Dinwiddie that I talked to said, ‘Hey, I think he knows he’s not getting anywhere near this goal and he’s just having fun. He just wants to raise some money.’”

Begley also offered that Dinwiddie wasn’t about to test the league again with his off-the-court shenanigans after trying to turn his entire Nets contract into an investment vehicle before the start of the 2019-20 season.

“I know the league was going to shut it down if he was, in fact, being serious about going through with this,” said Begley.

Having finished well short of the goal, Dinwiddie made good on his promise to donate all funds raised. He’s donating the $1,150 he received during his short-lived GoFundMe campaign to ReadWorks, an organization that “supports remote learning efforts for teachers and students during COVID-19.”

Dinwiddie also pledged to help other charities on Wednesday night, hoping his Twitter and Instagram followers would caption an image, with the winner of the contest set to choose the next charity Dinwiddie will donate to.

The Nets guard sure knows how to get the attention of his fans, but at least he’s doing some good with it. While keeping his fans engaged, he’s also helping contribute to various causes during a tough time in history.