After it was revealed that Ben Simmons has a nerve impingement in his back, he was eventually ruled out for the rest of the season. Naturally, the question that followed is whether the Brooklyn Nets point-forward will need surgery or not.

In a positive development for the Nets, Simmons' agent Bernie Lee confirmed that the three-time All-Star won't require surgery and should be ready right from Day 1 of training camp for the 2023-24 season, per SNY TV.

Lee added that their expectation is Simmons won't have any kind of restriction or limitation when he re-joins the Nets in their next training camp.

“Ben's process of seeking out the information of what’s going on has been a very lock-in-step effort with the Nets to clearly get an understanding of how to give (him) the opportunity to not only get healthy, but also his best path to long-term sustainable health, which allows him to regularly participate and play at the highest levels – something he has done since he entered the NBA,” Lee explained.

“We feel like we have been given really solid clarity as to what he is experiencing today, how and why and most importantly what needs to happen moving forward to allow him to move forward with consistency and regularity.”

This is certainly good news for the Nets. While there are questions if Simmons still has a future in Brooklyn, at least the team can get a good assessment of his status and conditioning when training camp rolls on.

Ben Simmons played just 42 games for the Nets this 2022-23 season, with injuries hampering him again despite the high expectations heading into the campaign. Hopefully, he really gets back to full health and continue his NBA career. Whether it's with the Nets or another team, though, remains to be seen.