Kevin Durant recently issued a trade ultimatum to the Brooklyn Nets and owner Joe Tsai in hopes of getting a deal done sooner rather than later. However, contrary to his desire, Brian Windhorst of ESPN claimed it'll have the opposite effect.

Windhorst shared that Durant already had limited options on his trade destinations in the first place, so his ultimatum is not helping increase the suitors who are willing to meet the Nets' price tag on him. Furthermore, after speaking with team personnel around the league, a lot shared how the move only “hurt his trade value” even more.

“As I talked to teams out there, they don't think this increased his trade value. They think this hurt his trade value,” Windhorst said.

That is certainly not a good news for Kevin Durant, especially since it looks like he is itching to get traded before the 2022-23 season starts. There were even reports he could opt to stay out of training camp to put more pressure on Brooklyn to move him.

However, the Nets are not expected to lower their asking price just to trade KD, especially since they have full control of his destiny with the superstar forward under contract for the next four years.

Durant's situation is unlikely to be resolved any time soon unless another team swoops in with an offer the Nets can refuse. But it should be worth noting that this is the same Brooklyn franchise who rejected an offer composed of Jaylen Brown, Derrick White and a first-rounder for KD believing they can get a better package or more.