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Ex-NFL coach tabs 2 teams as best fits for Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick, Patriots

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been a free agent since 2017. Analysts say that the NFL exiled him when he started kneeling during the national anthem as a protest against racial injustice. From the looks of it, the Black Lives Matter movement has placed Kaepernick under the spotlight once again, which might lead to a brand new NFL contract.

And according to an ex-NFL coach, there are two teams that are perfect fits for Kaepernick. Brian Billick, who spent nine seasons as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, believes that the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars are the best fits for Kaepernick.

“I think New England and Jacksonville, if you look at it from his standpoint, just in terms of opportunity,” Billick said on NFL Network. “Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer in New England and then Gardner Minshew and Mike Glennon in Jacksonville. You talk about an opportunity to be with a team where there might be some flux, might be some meat, where there’s uncertainty at that top spot. I could certainly see where he might be interested in those two teams simply because he’s gonna want to get back on the field. I can’t imagine, as a competitor, he’s gonna be happy with just sitting on the sideline, getting back into a routine and then, ‘I’ll make my move the next year.’ That’d be the prudent way to go, but I think a team like New England and Jacksonville from a standpoint of a competitor like, ‘Hey, I wanna get in there and play right now. I’ll make this happen,’ might be interesting.”

Time can only tell if Kaepernick does indeed make a return to the NFL. From the looks of it, he’s got a strong chance. It helps that former coaches seem to support his return.