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RUMOR: Several NFL teams expected to contact Steelers about possible Antonio Brown trade

Antonio Brown, Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers reportedly should have no shortage of interested teams when it comes to a possible trade deal involving star wide receiver Antonio Brown.

With the situation in Pittsburgh seemingly not getting much better right now, it sounds like the Steelers front office may be more open than ever to entertaining a trade for their star wideout.

Of course, that means that the team will need another party involved to make a deal.

And at this point, it appears that a few teams may be among the early list to at least gauge Pittsburgh’s interest in a deal, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports:

The Steelers expect a robust market to form, and expect to hear from teams like the Seahawks, Colts, Saints, 49ers, Packers, and Eagles. Team sources said that while they expect the Ravens, Browns and Patriots to have significant interest in Brown as well, there is virtually no chance they would deal him to such a rival.

If the Steelers actually make a deal, they certainly don’t want to send Brown over to their biggest AFC rivals.

So, it’s easy to understand why they may not want to do business with teams like the Ravens, Browns, or Patriots.

Some of the other possibilities are interesting, and again, it’s all about what the other team would be willing to give up since La Canfora also reported that a first-round pick is likely to be one of the things the Steelers want.

Either way, this is a fascination situation for all parties, and the Steelers have a huge decision to make on Brown this offseason.