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NICKMERCS-HusKerrs Warzone drama blows up as Nickmercs responds

Nickmercs, HusKerrs, COD Warzone, drama

The NICKMERCS and HusKerrs Warzone drama blows up as NICKMERCS gives his final response to Huskkers in a live stream. In a live stream talking to his fans, NICKMERCS calls HusKerrs a “f*cking loser.” The live stream rant by NICKMERCS comes after months of back and forth between the two.


NICKMERCS goes on a tirade against HusKerrs in one of his live streams. This comes in the head of a months-long spat between the two, originating from a Warzone tournament incident five months ago. NICKMERCS tells HusKerrs off for being a “loser,” saying that the younger streamer is a goofball who doesn’t understand his content.

“Jealousy leaks out in certain ways,” says NICKMERCS. “He thinks because he’s this outstanding f*cking BR (Battle Royale) player that he deserves all these viewers.”

NICKMERCS said this as he recounts a time HusKerrs commented on his lifestyle gym live streams. At that specific time, which happened months ago, NICKMERCS had 25,000 viewers. To this, HusKerrs commented on his own stream, where he usually plays Warzone and had less than 10,000 viewers at the time, that he doesn’t understand why people would watch someone go to the gym and not just go to the gym themselves. To this, NICKMERCS responded:

“There’s more to Twitch and there’s more to entertainment than just being good at a video game,” says NICKMERCS, taking a dig at HusKerr’s Warzone content. “Imagine being that much of a f*cking loser that you can’t wrap your head around what we’re doing here and what the mfam is… that’s some loser type sh*t.”

Prior to these comments, NICKMERCS also boasted about how even his secondary channels had more viewership and metrics compared to HusKerrs’ main channel. He then goes on to talk about there being a fine line between being competitive and being jealous, insinuating that HusKerrs was going after him out of jealousy.


The drama reignited when last week, HusKerrs called NICKMERCS a “manbaby.” When a viewer asked HusKerrs to play with NICKMERCS in Warzone, HusKerrs refused.

“Nick has beef with me because a tourney that was five months ago where Sym and I beat him and Swagg, they tried to take host for the second map when they hosted first map,” explained HusKerrs.

Tension rose here when NICKMERCS tried to explain their actions, saying that HusKerrs taking host is more prone to hackers because they were playing Warzone on PC. HusKerrs response here was essentially a no with a dash of “f*ck you.” From this, HusKerrs says that NICKMERCS has acted like a manbaby, which led to the FaZe Clan player unfollowing him on Twitter.

The NRG Esports content creator went on to dare his viewers to bring NICKMERCS up so he can tell everything to his face.

“I would say that to his face,” HusKerrs says. “Bring him in my Discord, I don’t care. Literally clip it and send it to him. He unfollowed me on Twitter because of all that.”

Both Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff and Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas have big followings in the COD Warzone community. NICKMERCS is a veteran content creator who found his footing as a Gears of War professional player back in the day. Meanwhile, HusKerrs is considered to be one of the best COD Warzone players today, even winning Dexertos’ Warzone Player of the Year. However, the two might not meet each other in a competitive setting in a while, as NICKMERCS is staying away from tournaments for the time being.