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Nuggets center Nikola Jokic says he uses women’s deodorant after ditching his old ‘bug spray’

NBA players are some of the most talented athletes on the planet. Players from all positions have to stay in quality shape to survive in the league’s grinding 82-game schedule. For big men like Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic, that fact remains true every day. Normally, basketball players have to wear heavy deodorant to stay fresh during long NBA games. However, the Denver Nuggets center recognizes this and he has his own secret to staying fresh on the court. He uses women’s deodorant, according to T.J McBride of Mile High Sports.

Nikola Jokic complimented the women’s deodorant and alluded to the fact that he is going to continue using it. #Nuggets‘ equipment manager, Sparky Gonzalez, gave Nikola Jokic women’s Dove deodorant after he complained about his other deodorant that he called, “bug spray”

This is an interesting story. Apparently, Jokic didn’t think too much about his old deodorant, but couldn’t he just buy another brand? Women’s deodorant works well for some men, so Nikola Jokic might just fall in that category.

Jokic is a unique type of NBA center. Not only is he athletic, but he is also known for his superb passing skills for a big man. As the season starts to get more intense, Jokic better hope his new deodorant can protect him because the last thing he wants besides a loss is him stinking up the court with a foul body odor.

On Monday night, the Nuggets will take on the Boston Celtics. Currently possessing the NBA’s best defense, the Celtics will be a difficult challenge, so the Nuggets are going to have to work for their shots. Hopefully, Jokic will lead the Nuggets to victory as his team tries to climb the Western Conference standings.