The Edmonton Oilers' Corey Perry has just made history—for the wrong reasons. Perry has become the first NHL player to lose the Stanley Cup with four different franchises over a five-year period, per Hockey Jerseyz. Perry has lost the Stanley Cup Final four times now in the last five years.

That's truly a sad statement. Perry lost in the final now with the Oilers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars and Montreal Canadiens. The Oilers lost a heartbreaking Game 7 of the Stanley Cup final Monday, 2-1 to the Florida Panthers.

Perry's journey with Edmonton

Edmonton Oilers goalie Stuart Skinner (74) and Edmonton Oilers right wing Corey Perry (90) embrace after defeating the Los Angeles Kings in the third period of game four of the first round of the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Arena.
Yannick Peterhans-USA TODAY Sports

Perry is a veteran right winger who has seen quite a few games in the NHL. He played his first season this year in Edmonton, helping the team make it to the Stanley Cup Final. The Oilers had a memorable season with Perry, overcoming a 3-0 deficit in the final series to force a Game 7. Edmonton was the first NHL team since 1945 to overcome a 3-0 deficit in the final and tie the series.

The Oilers also charged through the season, with a 16-game winning streak heading into the All-Star Break. The team was able to do that despite changing coaches in the middle of the campaign. Perry was there for it all. He posted 13 points this year for the team, playing in 38 regular season games. Although he was used mostly as a reserve, Perry provided leadership and an experienced voice in the Oilers' locker room.

In the playoffs, Perry made his voice heard. He scored a goal and added two assists, playing in 19 games. He's posted more than 125 total postseason points in his lengthy career. He has also appeared in a staggering 215 postseason games, with all those teams. To make it to the Stanley Cup four times in five years is staggering. To do it with four separate teams, is even more astonishing. Perry has done everything but lift the Cup. That's a tough pill to swallow for a veteran like Perry, whose career window is closing. The right wing also played several years for the Anaheim Ducks.

The Oilers came so close to winning it all this season. The team lost decisive Game 7 by just one goal to Florida. The Oilers haven't won the NHL championship since 1990, at the end of an astonishing run for the team. The Oilers won five Stanley Cup titles in the 1980s, including four in a five year period. The team had Wayne Gretzky then, who put together arguably the best NHL career ever.

The Oilers still have one of the true stars in the league in Connor McDavid, as well as a talented coach and supporting cast. The team could very well be back in the same spot next season. Time will tell if Perry is able to skate to another Stanley Cup Final before his career is over. He certainly doesn't want to be remembered as the guy who got closer than just about anyone, only to come up short.