Nightingale now has an offline mode, giving players the chance to play the online survival game without an internet connection.

Nightingale gets Offline Mode in Update 0.3 Patch

The developers at Inflexion Games are doing a great job in adding more features and improving their debut title Nightingale since its release back in February. Chief among these changes is the addition of an offline mode in the latest patch, update 0.3, which came out this Thursday, May 23, 2024.

The Offline Mode will let Realmwalkers explore and build without the risk of getting disconnected and booted out of servers. With the game not really benefiting a lot from its multiplayer features, this is a good step for lone Realmwalkers who just want to immerse in Nightingale without distractions.

But while this latest update added this big new feature that essentially changes the way Nightingale is played, this patch has a lot more in store for returning players.

Nightingale Update 0.3 Patch Notes

You can find the official patch notes on the Nightingale Steam Store Page:


Game Changes

  • Visual changes to tree felling animations
  • Extended range of torch light
  • Updated block icon
  • Changes to Grenade Tier 1 & 2 VFX
  • Added sound effects to additional tickbox toggles
  • Added sound effect for double click on the Realm Card Machine
  • New sound effects for spells when tools are charged with new alternative actions from 0.2 (ex. Sickle throw)
  • Applied cooldowns on weapon audio effects when there are multiple triggers in a short timespan
  • Suppressed audio when creatures impact with other creatures of the same type accidentally
  • Change to medium creature impact sound
  • Added foliage foley sounds
  • Can enable “Build from Storage” on storage containers to use its contents on nearby blueprints
  • Craft from Storage range has been increased
  • New Essence Trader in Abeyance Realms for the Spark of Hope event
  • New quest NPCs: Edgar Allan Poe, Joan of Arc, and Taliesin the Bard
  • Added voiceover for Aurelio
  • Adjustments to Aurelio’s questline
  • Nellie has additional lore dialogue if some Codex entries are unlocked
  • Minor adjustments to NPC dialogue
  • New Bound unit: Marksman
  • New Bound variants: Bound Sunderer and Bound Caprine
  • New AOE VFX for Bound Darkweaver knockback ability
  • New tiered variants of Apex creatures, Eotens, Swamp Giants and Bound that drop higher quality item drops
  • Wisps can now be interacted with in the Realms
Player Character
  • New player outfits, body types, and professions are now available in character creator
  • Players can now edit existing character visuals in the character select menu
  • Players can skip the tutorial by selecting a ‘Start Point’ under the character creator ‘Difficulty’ section
  • Various balance changes to the tutorial quest flow
  • Balance pass on fishing
  • Changed shove animation
  • Changes to tree-felling behaviour, they will now always fall away from the player
  • Mushrooms now yield mushrooms when removed from tree trunks
  • Lowered resource requirements and/or crafting time for various T1-T3 items
  • Recruited NPCs now have a radial menu for quick behavior commands
  • Recruited NPC menus now show their name rather than “Survivor”
  • Changed Map UI for larger map size
  • “Reset Portal” and “Reset Realm” have additional confirmations and warn the players of the effects of the actions
  • Changes to tool tip and inspect subscreens: Characteristics and tier can now be viewed on tool tip. Extraction info, infusion details and tool and clothing descriptions have been moved to the item inspect subscreen
  • Tiers for crafted items can now be viewed in the guidebook
  • Benches display Tier in the default UI when players are nearby
  • Various UX/UI adjustments
  • Ornate Blunderbuss recipe can now be unlocked in the Watch
  • Added Tier 3 & 4 Throwing Knives and Grenades
  • Items now have a soft cap on stats that will see diminishing returns on stats added to the item, and eventually hit a hard cap on the stat
  • New Track magick available in Swamp Astrolabe Realms
  • New POI encounters have been added
  • New Hunt codex entries
  • Capped loading screens to 60 fps and set default frame cap to 120 fps rather than infinite (but can be changed in the settings to be uncapped)
  • Performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Mushrooms and ivy should now disappear when an NPC fells a tree they’re attached to
  • Various animation polishes and bug improvements
  • Grenades now inherit gem glass appearance
  • Knife and Sickle positional audio adjusted in 1st person
  • Estate foundations should no longer be blocked from being placed when they are too close to uneven ground
  • NPCs restored from persistence will now correctly change visuals when their clothing is changed.
  • Boss summoning Mechanisms at Sites of Power are no longer destructible
  • Creatures should no longer spawn near Estate Cairns
  • Creatures should no longer spawn out of bounds in Forest Vaults
Player Character
  • Fishing rods above Gear Score 255 can catch fish
  • Players should no longer get duplicate companion NPCs
  • Removed former ESC menu from being accessed while downed
  • Blunderbuss secondary attack should now utilize elemental ammo effects
  • Crafting stations requiring fuel will no longer complete all crafts upon logging back in if they have no fuel

Big Changes Much Needed for Nightingale

Seeing the devs push out big updates like this is encouraging. This means that the developers are passionate about their game. They really believe in the Nightingale project. But big patch notes like these that focus on fixes also highlight just how broken and incomplete Nightingale was when it first entered Early Access.

The developers do look like they have their priorities in order, showing the community what they plan to do to the game in the short, medium, and long term. But while Nightingale already improved a lot with the first two updates the game received since launch, there’s still a lot of work left to be done.

Thankfully, it looks like the community is just as passionate about Nightingale as the developers. Praises for the new update were showered by fans on the update’s YouTube highlights video. The community has also been really patient in waiting for the updates and coaching the developers of the changes they need to make to make Nightingale reach its full potential.

Nightingale entered its Early Access phase on Steam on February 20, 2024. It’s also due to release on the Epic Games Store. The game is developed and self-published by Inflexion Games as the studio’s debut title.