Nightingale, a brand-new online multiplayer open-world survival crafting game set in an alternate timeline Victorian era magic-infused world. Find out everything else you need to know about Nightingale, including its release date, gameplay, story, and some trailers to give you an initial impression of this unique survival game.

Nightingale Release Date: February 20, 2024 (Early Access)

Nightingale Release Date Trailer

Nightingale will enter its Early Access phase on Steam on February 20, 2024. It’s also due to release on the Epic Games Store. The game is developed and self-published by Inflexion Games as the studio’s debut title.

Nightingale Gameplay

Nightingale Extended Gameplay Overview Trailer

Nightingale does not reinvent the wheel when it comes to its core gameplay loop as an open-world survival crafting game. The usual stuff is here: collecting resources that you use to craft tools, weapons, and your base. Rarer materials can be obtained to craft more powerful weapons which you’ll then use to defeat tougher enemies that might otherwise block your progress or exploration.

What does Nightingale offer, then? Two things: its unusual but intriguing setting and its experimental realm card system.

Nightingale oozes charisma: it seamlessly blends a Victorian-era, steampunk-esque vibe with the fantastical magic world of the fae. Therefore, some period-specific steampunk tech sometimes finds its way into the magical realms that the fae reside in, with the character finding stuff like mechanical contraptions lying around in the middle of a fairy ring.

As for the realm card system, Nightingale ties the player’s world customization to their progression. As players explore the world, they can discover and unlock new Realm cards. These Realm cards can be used to create new Realms based on parameters that are tied to the cards – from biomes and enemy types to the difficulty of the Realm. More cards can be collected and crafted later in the game to change the rules of that Realm it’s in, like spawning new enemies and boss monsters or affecting equipment’s durability.

The player is also given an Abeyance Realm card, generating their home world that can serve as the player’s hub towards other Realms they visit. This Realm card can be shared with other players for them to be able to visit the player’s home world even when they are not online.

Just with these two things that set Nightingale apart from other games, there are already a ton of fun combinations that can be had. We’re looking forward to how these permutations can lead to replayability and the game’s overall longevity, as it sets itself up for countless content updates in the future.

Nightingale Story

Nightingale Realmwalker’s Journey Story Trailer

In Nightingale, the world of the Fae is connected to the world of men. With the help of the fae, humans were able to learn magic themselves, allowing the player character to become one of the Realmwakers who can travel between worlds through the Pale. However, the magic in the Pale suddenly became unstable, causing the human world to freeze over, and forcing humans to take refuge in other realms. Because of this, the player is also forced to migrate to an unfamiliar land.

You are now faced with a quandary: live your new life in these unfamiliar lands, build up a new fortune for yourself, or re-establish contact with other humans and attempt to re-stabilize Earth. The choice is in your hands, Realmwalker.

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