The New England Patriots have used Josh Gordon more each week, and his team's defensive backs are amazed by what he's capable of. Gordon isn't getting a high amount of targets right now, but apparently, he snags everything in practice. As he continue's to learn the the Patriots' offense, he'll become more of a threat. He hasn't been able to really showcase his freakish athleticism fir his new team, but his teammates get to witness it every day in practice.

“Some things you just can’t teach, like his athleticism,” said former Pro Bowl corner back Stephon Gilmore.”You can be right there in position, and he’ll make a play.”

Other defensive backs have been vocal about his desirable traits as well. Among these are his leaping ability, and steady hands.

“He’s one of the few receivers who actually goes up and actually gets the ball. He’s got big hands, so if it’s in his radius, he’s probably coming down with it,” said fourth-year cornerback Eric Rowe.

So far this season, Josh Gordon has 10 receptions for 141 yards and two touchdowns. One of his touchdowns came on a back shoulder throw when he played for the Cleveland Browns. His clutch catch was instrumental in sending their game with the Pittsburgh Steelers into overtime in their season opener. It was his lone catch in the game.

Gordon has a small sample size to draw from with the Patriots. However, it's clear that he's an elite athlete. The Patriots will likely continue to rave about his talents, and eventually, he may shock the NFL with a monster game.