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Paul Pierce’s 5-second IG video after being fired by ESPN

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce just got fired from his post as an ESPN analyst following his ill-advised decision to stream a live video of himself partying with a couple of strippers on Friday night. The Boston Celtics legend has since taken to Twitter to send out his immediate reaction to the development, and apparently, he’s smiling about it.

Pierce posted a rather bizarre video of himself smiling/laughing with an equally suspicious caption:

We really aren’t sure what to make of this. Pierce appeared to have been intoxicated when he did his IG Live feed on Friday, so maybe he’s still nursing a bit of a hangover here?

All jokes aside, it’s seriously quite impossible to decode what Pierce is trying to say here. If I were to take a guess, it looks like he’s saying that there are better things to come for him. He seems to have acknowledged his error and has opted to move on and laugh about it.

Then again, what’s even more baffling is his hashtag. “The truth shall set you free” is an age-old idiom that can be interpreted in so many different ways in this particular situation. Is Pierce saying that he’s liberated now that he has revealed his party-loving, exotic dancer-adoring self? Or is he implying that there’s more to this story than meets the eye? To be honest though, what other underlying storyline is there here other than the plain fact that the video he posted was simply inappropriate?

Let’s also not forget that Pierce goes by the moniker “The Truth” so the hashtag could be a play on words as well. Whether or not this is the case is a baffling question that only Paul Pierce himself can answer.