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Pelicans star Anthony Davis’ change to Klutch Sports was to up his brand

Anthony Davis

When New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis chose to sign with Klutch Sports, rumblings about his impending departure from The Big Easy grew louder and louder. Moreover, many began to float the idea that this could be an indication of the big man’s eventual move to the Los Angeles Lakers to play alongside Klutch Sports’ most famous client, LeBron James.

However, according to Steven Kyler of Basketball Insiders, Anthony Davis’ decision to join the coveted agency may be more about expanding and improving his brand.

Sources close to the situation said Davis’ decision to change agents wasn’t as much about forcing his way out of New Orleans as it was aligning with an agency with relationships all across the media landscape.

Davis’ inner circle has long believed he should have more endorsements and a bigger NBA presence, and signing with Klutch was more about that than his next contract or his next team

In retrospect, Davis doesn’t get as much media exposure down in New Orleans, which is something very odd for a player the magnitude of Davis. The former first overall pick is arguably one of the top five, if not three best players in the league. Definitely, a player of his caliber should get more attention from the media and the public.

Thus, the talks about this being a move to set one foot into Hollywood may be just a reach, but of course, some speculation really makes for better headlines.

It doesn’t hurt that Klutch has a proven track record getting its clients exactly what they want in the contract process, and aligning with LeBron James doesn’t hurt either.

The idea that signing with Klutch immediately equates to Davis being a Laker at some point in the future is a little bit of a stretch, but it is clear that if the Lakers want a meeting when the time comes, they will get one.

Nonetheless, this career move makes a lot of sense for Anthony Davis. The amount of connections that Klutch Sports has and the personalities signed to the agency definitely opens the Pelicans superstar’s door for more opportunities and more exposure.