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Pelicans unsure of Zion Williamson’s weight, body fat

Pelicans, Zion Williamson

Recent news of Zion Williamson’s injury timeline have put in question the sheer toll on his body after being listed at 6-foot-7 and 285 pounds in college. While the New Orleans Pelicans measured him at 6-foot-6 earlier this month, they are still unsure of his weight and body fat levels, as vice-president of basketball operations David Griffin could only hypothesize as to what it may be:

According to ESPN’s Andrew Lopez, Griffin said Williamson could be 274 pounds with 8% body fat or 280 pounds at — unable to give a straight forward answer on his player’s current playing shape.

Williamson is a dynamic talent and one with a body unlike any other in today’s NBA. While he’s been compared to LeBron James in several analysis, Williamson is a robust, truck-like talent with incredibly speed and athleticism — making his body tough to gauge.

Zion had managed to last through his Duke tenure just fine after sustaining an ankle injury in the latter days of the regular season upon busting through his shoe in the opening minutes against rival North Carolina — giving no indication that his weight is an issue — something Griffin confirmed Tuesday.

Yet one can’t help but think that putting so much torque in a joint like the knee can have some serious repercussions through the course of a more demanding 48-minute game and 82 regular season games.

Williamson’s first season will consist of less than the full slate of games, but even playing above 60 could be considered a win for a player whose long-term durability has come into question.