There is truly never a dull moment in the NBA world, especially when Stephan A. Smith is involved. There are few people that would get into a week long spat with an entire NBA franchise, but Smith is one them, and he is in battle with the New Orleans Pelicans right now after some comments about Zion Williamson. The Pelicans clapped back with some footage of Smith's basketball days, and on Tuesday, Smith responded to the video.

Stephan A. Smith kept his feud with the Pelicans going strong on Tuesday as he talked about himself and the Pelicans for about 10 minutes on his show. If this article had all the quotes, it would take about an hour to read, but here are some of the highlights.

In this rant, Stephan A. Smith went on to say that he didn't care about the video that the Pelicans posted, but he went on to talk for 10 minutes about it and share why he wasn't able to play to his full potential in college basketball.

“You didn't think I was gonna let you off the hook, did you?” Stephan A. Smith said. “I don't know who put you up to that. But you need to be educated a little bit more about Stephen A. Smith. So allow me to educate you. Number one, I don't give a s**t. It doesn't bother me that you troll me. I can take it. You see, do you realize that at division two Winston Salem State I could have been on a court averaging 20 to 25 a game? And I still wouldn't compare to a single one of y'all who have made it to the NBA. Do you understand that? I know that no matter how you gloss over anything, meaning myself or anybody else, I don't compare to y'all. But your stats are wrong. One and a half points is less than that. I was hurt. I was hurt. Go to the hospital in Winston Salem. 1989. I cracked my kneecap in half. They told me I might never be able to walk the same again. And even though I maintained my scholarship, I was nothing more than a practice player because I couldn't run up and down the court more than three or four times without limping.”

Smith also had a lot more to say when it came to the Pelicans and their shortcomings in New Orleans, and also when they were in Charlotte.

“Let's talk about the New Orleans Pelicans franchise for a second,” Smith continued. “Your 22nd season, the New Orleans Pelicans relocated from Charlotte ladies and gentlemen. Do you know that by being named the Hornets and then the Pelicans you have as many names as you do playoff series victories in 22 freaking years. You have the same amount of playoff series victories as you do names. And you're talking about me? At least I'm not robbing the public by getting paid for not doing what I'm supposed to be doing which was win. But I'm not finished. That same New Orleans Pelicans team NBA rank for regular season winning percentage since 2002-2003 is 21st out of 32. Did you know that?… NBA rank for postseason win percentage since 2002-2003 25 out of 30 teams. Oh conference finals and NBA Finals appearances in that time. That would be zero, nada.”

Stephan A. Smith also insisted that his comments about Pelicans star Zion Williamson was just a joke.

“I was joking around about Zion Williamson,” Smith added. “Not eating too much. We need him healthy on a good diet. So he's strong and he's powerful. I did not imply that he's not doing it now. I said it is a concern, Antonio Daniels, I said it is a concern New Orleans Pelicans. And I was half joking because I'm rooting for the kid. And I'm rooting for the franchise. Great city. Best restaurants in America.”

Smith also thinks that the Pelicans have bigger worries than him.

“Stop worrying about Stephen A. Smith,” Smith said. “There were those before me. And they will be those after me. What you think they are gonna say about you if you continue to be this futile. Get it together. Get it together and start worrying about Dallas and Sacramento and Minnesota and Oklahoma City and the Clippers and the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. That is your enemy. Those are your opponents. Those are the people you need to be concerned about.”

One of the most entertaining people in the sports media industry is Stephan A. Smith, and things like this are why.