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Pelicans get into Twitter war after Skip Bayless calls Anthony Davis overrated

Anthony Davis

The most popular troll in sports is at it again. Skip Bayless, co-lead of the sports show Undisputed, has found the latest player he wants to throw dirt at: New Orleans Pelicans’ All-Star center, Anthony Davis. Bayless, who had built a name through doing the same thing to LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers, called Davis “overrated” on Twitter.

It’s actually a bad time to dish out such comments, as Anthony Davis has been playing insane in his last several outings. The Pelicans big man is averaging 41.5 points, 15 rebounds, three steals, and 3.2 blocks per game on 54.2-percent shooting in his last six. This superb stretch also got highlighted Wednesday night, when Davis powered through the Phoenix Suns for 53 points, 18 boards, and five rejections.

That, of course, led the Pels’ social media people to enjoy their turn on trolling:

Not one to back down from his comments, regardless of how crazy it is, Skip Bayless doubled down on his take. He also included an ever so slightly jab at LeBron James, just because:

Virtually declaring that they are ready for a Twitter “war,” the Pelicans gave the haymaker one could deliver every time an argument with Bayless is in play:

In all seriousness, though, despite the long history of over-the-top trolling, Bayless does make some good points. The stats are unquestionable, but the Pelicans have only been to the playoffs once since Davis arrived in 2012, and that one postseason appearance ended in a sweep.

Then again, the problem with that is Davis still young, and he arguably hasn’t even entered full peak yet. The development is still happening, and there’s plenty of time to become a solid, playoff-contending superstar.

Also, Bayless will defend “his” Dallas Cowboys at any cost, a team who only has two playoff wins in 20 years, so he should know how to cut some slack to an ultra-talented 24-year-old that’s still maturing as a leader.