Zion Williamson is a monster for the New Orleans Hornets. The star forward has been lighting it up in his first healthy season in the NBA. All the hype surrounding him has been fully validated. There's no better example of that than his performance on Saturday, when he notched a feat that no one, save for Shaquille O'Neal, has achieved.

The most insane part about Zion Williamson's game is that's he's basically a shorter but more athletic Shaquille O'Neal. He doesn't have the center's freakish size, but he has the same touch and feel around the rim as him. Couple that with his ungodly leaping abilities, and you have one of the most difficult players to guard in the league. It's no wonder why the Pelicans star has multiple games like this,

Williamson's ascent to greatness coincides with the Pelicans' sudden rise to the top of the league. This team has emerged from the chaos of the Western Conference as one of the best teams in the league. After a surprise playoff appearance last season, Zion Williamson's return has given this team a brand-new dimension. Now, they are quite favored to win the West this season.

The Pelicans will need more of Zion Williamson channeling his inner Shaq to win more games. Despite their spot on top of the standings, there are many that can threaten their pole position. As long as Williamson keeps performing at this pace, though, this team should be able to keep pace with the best of the West.