It now feels like an eternity when the DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry-led Toronto Raptors were one of the biggest threats in the Eastern Conference. At that point in time, Toronto was a perpetual playoff team that was always in the mix for the title year in and year out. Unfortunately for them, the Raps were never able to get over one big hurdle out in the East. That daunting roadblock came in the form of LeBron James.

For some unknown reason, ex-Raptors first-round pick Lucas Nogueira decided to spill the beans on his former team and their tactics against LeBron. Nogueira just leaked Toronto’s scouting report on James from the 2018 playoffs when the Raptors faced off against LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers in the second round:

There are some pretty interesting tidbits there, but in the end, these were all for nothing. LeBron and the Cavs ended up sweeping the Raptors in the East Semis that year, effectively ending the DeRozan-Lowry partnership in Toronto. That same summer, the Raptors traded DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard.

Nogueira also shared the team’s scouting reports on John Wall and Bradley Beal. The Raptors battled the Washington Wizards in the first round, and they emerged victorious in the series, 4-2. Looks like these reports were more useful than the LeBron one:

For what it’s worth, Lucas Nogueira is no longer with the Raptors. The 7-foot center left the team in 2018 after his contract ran out. He now plies his trade in his native Brazil as a player for Sao Paulo FC.