Short kings have played in the league despite stature being a big deal when teams pick in the NBA Draft. Players like Muggsy Bogues, Isaiah Thomas, and Spud Webb have a new person to root for in Markquis Nowell. Despite not getting his name called by Adam Silver, the Toronto Raptors rookie from Kansas State basketball has legends rooting for him.

Muggsy Bogues showed some love to Markquis Nowell after he got his two-way contract with the Toronto Raptors. The NBA legend knows a thing or two about struggling to fit in the league due to his height. He gave the Kansas State basketball standout a much-needed ego boost after the NBA Draft through a Twitter post.


“Yessir, I know someone who played for the Raptors once upon a time #heartoverheight,” the NBA legend said.

Muggsy Bogues also played for the Toronto Raptors in the last years of his career from 1999 to 2001. He still put up a serviceable performance by playing 80 games in his second to the last season.

Markquis Nowell led Kansas State basketball to an elite eight berth. They lost to the eventual runners-up Florida Atlantic by a slim 76-79 margin. He now embarks on a journey that hopefully leads to a great career with the Toronto Raptors. The rookie follows the footsteps of legends like Spud Webb, Isaiah Thomas, and his new fan, Muggsy Bogues.

The first steps he needs to take are doing good in the Summer league and training camps to get a permanent spot in the rotation.