Raptors news: Toronto, Sixers Twitter accounts hold temporary truce after Drake, Meek Mill share stage
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Raptors, Sixers Twitter accounts hold temporary truce after Drake, Meek Mill share stage

Drake, Meek Mill, Sixers, Raptors

The Twitter accounts of the Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors have finally squashed their beef. The Sixers’ account reached out after Toronto native and rapper Drake invited Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill on stage at his concert in Boston. The Raptors’ account offered an amicable response, bringing momentary peace to the Twitterverse:

It appears that the two teams will stay on good terms until they meet on the hardwood in October this season. Drake and Meek have been quarreling since 2015, shortly after Meek’s “Dreams Worth More Than Money” album was released. Drake was featured on a song called “R.I.C.O.,” but Meek claimed to have discovered Drake used a ghostwriter for his verses and pointed out his reluctance to promote the album. After three years of diss tracks and public insults, the two have been able to overcome their dispute.

Drake was named a global ambassador for the Raptors a few years back. Meek is one of the most influential figures in Philadelphia. His hit song “Dreams and Nightmares” was played to celebrate the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win, and he made a special appearance at a Sixers playoff game after being released from a controversial sentence that sent him to jail in 2017.

Meek was the last person anyone expected to appear on stage at a Drake concert, but the two seemed happy to end their feud and perform together. Hopefully, fans can look forward to more collaborations from them in the future.