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Richard Jefferson trolls New York on Twitter, LeBron reacts

Richard Jefferson, LeBron James

The New York Knicks continue to be an NBA laughing stock.

Once again, they have one of the worst records in the league right now. It’s already bad enough that they’re in this kind of situation, with seemingly no bright future to look forward to. But to make things worse, Richard Jefferson — who is working as a color commentator for the Brooklyn Nets — added insult to injury by saying that the team offered him a contract back in 2018, but instead of prolonging his career, he chose to retire.

The Knicks released an official statement regarding Jefferson’s comments, saying they didn’t offer the 17-year veteran a contract last year.

But instead of letting things go, Jefferson continued to troll the Knicks. As of this moment, he’s only following the team’s official account on Twitter.

Then, posted this.

Even RJ’s former teammate, LeBron James, can’t help but laugh.

Earlier this year, the Knicks were also spurned by Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the top free agents they have targeted for almost an entire year. So you probably have an idea as to how bad the franchise’s situation is when even someone like Richardson chose not to sign with them.

On a serious note, even if RJ decided not to retire last year, he wouldn’t get a lot of interest from the rest of the league. He only played 163 minutes during his final season, which he spent with the Denver Nuggets. So whether the Knicks offered him a contract last year or not, choosing to call it a career would still be a better decision than waiting for another team to give him a call.