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Rockets news: Clint Capela doing all he can to help Hurricane Harvey victims

In the days following Hurricane Harvey tearing the city of Houston and the nearby areas, there has been a huge outpouring of support from many different professional athletes and organizations.

Among those is Houston Rockets big man Clint Capela, who is using his social media reach to spread the word to help rescue people trapped in their homes along with abandon pets.

The 23-year-old has used his popularity on Twitter to spread out various messages from the local shelters, the Coast Guard, and other charitable organizations helping out in Hurricane Relief funds. He has even tweeted out the addresses of friends and family members of people affected by the natural disaster that are unable to reach anyone.

Capela is doing quite an honorable act by helping those despite being stuck in his apartment in downtown Houston. He has been able to help sent the contact information for a network of more than 30 boats to help locate citizens trapped in their homes. He also helped four trapped dogs at Envy Pet Care in Sugarland, Texas along with a pet sitter who had four dogs and two cats needing rescue.

The actions that Capela have taken show how much of an impact Hurricane Harvey had that professional athletes and others alike are offering help in any manner that they can.