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Carmelo Anthony thinks just one win will help unravel things for Rockets

Carmelo Anthony

The Houston Rockets, the NBA’s best team last season, has started off with a poor 1-5 record. For Carmelo Anthony, the team’s newest member, it would take just one win to turn things around.

As reported by Alykhan Bijani of The Athletic, Anthony acknowledged that the upcoming five-game road trip is going to be critical:

“This is a big road trip for us. I know it’s early, but it’s a big road trip for us.”

He also offered some insight with regard to the team’s poor start. For Anthony, the equation is simple. When teams go through a rough losing slump, they have a choice to keep it or throw it away.

Losing equates to a low team morale. But given the Rockets’ caliber, they just need that one win to turn things around. They already have a strong foundation of confidence:

“When you’re losing, that confidence can go two ways. You can keep it, or you can lose it. Simple as that. I’m in the locker room, so I know the morale, I know the confidence level that this team has, the attitude that we have.

“We’ve just got to figure it out, whatever that is. We’ve just got to get a win. Sometimes, once you get that first win, then you start to unravel things and figure them out.”

This is Anthony’s first season as a member of the Rockets. He has finally accepted to take on a bench role and so far, he’s averaging 13.2 points per game on 37.3 percent from the field and 34.3 percent from downtown in 31.2 minutes.