The Houston Rockets are off to a dismal start to the season, as they dropped the first two games. DeMarcus Cousins was not too happy about having to quarantine after coming in contact with a teammate that tested positive with COVID-19. He tweeted an emoji that summed up his feeling about the his early absence:

The Rockets acquired John Wall this offseason and Cousins was undoubtedly excited to team up with his former Kentucky Wildcat teammate. However, with both of them on the sidelines, feelings of frustration had overcome Cousins this past week:

He stated:

“I was excited. I loved it. I had a blast at home (sarcastically)…I think ya'll saw my tweet, so I'll leave it at that.”

With the Rockets losing a lot of depth due to COVID-19 protocol, James Harden has had to step up. He scored 44 points against the Portland Trail Blazers and 34 against the Denver Nuggets, even while being under the spotlight for his mask controversy and trade rumors. Harden has been criticized for being a distraction to the team and not being a good teammate. However, his numbers do not lie.

Time will tell if Harden will stay with the team or not, but until then, the Rockets need to dig themselves out of this 0-2 hole. The Rockets have the talent to compete in a very talented Western Conference, but without solid team chemistry, especially amongst stars such as Wall, Cousins, and Harden, the Rockets will struggle to find results. Only time will tell.