Remember when the Cleveland Cavaliers gave the impression that they selected Collin Sexton in last week’s draft irrespective of the decision that LeBron James is to make? Well, it appears that Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets are singing the same tune.

According to Alykhan Bijani of ESPN, Paul is expected to ink a new deal with the Rockets this offseason regardless of James’ decision to decline his option to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers next season.

Bijani’s report also further refutes previous rumors that Chris Paul and the Rockets’ management were not on the same page.

Paul is reportedly looking for a max contract, though, his age and vulnerable body are obvious obstacles for him in convincing any teams of giving him that. Nevertheless, it looks like Paul and the Rockets have at least found a middle ground.

Should Paul return to Houston, the Rockets will once again parade the deadly backcourt combo comprised of the Point God and newly-minted NBA MVP, James Harden. The Rockets came to a win away from displacing the Golden State Warriors from its rule of the Western Conference, which they probably would have done if Paul did not suffer a hamstring injury late in the Western Conference finals.

With LeBron James hitting free agency, the door is open for the Rockets to sign the four-time MVP, though, they are not without competition with the likes of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers also in the mix to get LeBron’s services.