Retired 19-year-old VALORANT pro player Tyson “TenZ” Ngo came out of retirement to play competitively again, this time with Sentinels. His return showcased how much of a prodigy he is, as he top frags in their VALORANT Masters match against 100 Thieves last weekend.


TenZ never fails to surprise the VALORANT community. First, he surprised everyone by announcing his retirement from competitive VALORANT play. He moved to Cloud9's streamer program, where he actively fulfilled his contract. Then, he surprised the community when he signed with Sentinels, replacing the suspended Sinatraa. Now, he's surprising everyone with his performance in the VALORANT Masters tournament. It doesn't seem like the supposedly-retired pro missed a beat during his time off competitive play.

Even after two months off the tournament circuit, TenZ remains to be one of the top players in the league. He dominated the VALORANT Masters competition along with his new team, the Sentinels.

Sen TenZ trended after he and Sentinels defeated Luminosity 2-1 in the upper bracket quarterfinals. Throughout the three maps played, Sentinels consistently performed strongly, scoring 13-12-13. Even on their loss on the second map, Sentinels brought Luminosity to their limits. In these three maps, TenZ consistently scored over 20 kills for each one.

But their match against Luminosity seemed to be just a warm-up, as the team swept 100 Thieves in the upper bracket semifinals, 2-0.

In the first map, Sentinel completely floored 100 Thieves, scoring 13-2. 100T forced overtime in map 2, but Sentinel continued their power mowing with a 16-14 final score in Haven. For his part, TenZ recorded 285 ACS and then 236 ACS across the two maps. In Haven, he top fragged with Jett, his signature agent in the game.

TenZ's dominance might have surprised 100 Thieves' Ethan the most. The former-CSGO player also top fragged in both maps, but his efforts didn't lead to wins for his team. Because of his performance, Ethan would jokingly tweet to ask TenZ to go back to streaming.