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Sixers star Joel Embiid suggests Markelle Fultz didn’t get enough backing from Bryan Colangelo

markelle fultz, bryan colangelo, joel embiid

Amid the drama surrounding Markelle Fultz of the Philadelphia 76ersJoel Embiid hinted that his teammate may not have received enough support from the Sixers front office, particularly former general manager Bryan Colangelo.

As per Rich Hofmann of The Athletic, Embiid said:

“So I just try to do my job and I’m around him a lot, try to help him. It’s a tough situation. Last year I felt like a lot of people didn’t have his back and that was with the previous management.”

Check out the full quote below, where Joel Embiid shut down Markelle Fultz’s critics who tag him as a draft bust. For Embiid, the 20-year-old Fultz puts on his best foot forward whenever he plays.

Joel Embiid’s comments come in after a spate of rumors involving Fultz resurfaced. Some reports say that the former top overall pick was trying out other ways to remedy his shoulder but these have led to his jump shot being ruined. And apart from his shoulder, a wrist injury is also hounding Markelle Fultz. Other reports say that he wants to be traded by the Sixers to another team.

Nothing is clear at this point in time. Though Embiid’s comments may have revealed a thing or two about what’s going on within the franchise. To recall, Colangelo resigned as the Sixers’ general manager after a report revealed that he used several anonymous Twitter accounts to burn former executives and players.