Steelers news: James Conner addresses viral photo of back muscles
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James Conner addresses viral photo of his incredible back muscles

James Conner, Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner has been in the news for a lot of reasons in the past.

Whether it was beating cancer while in College at Pittsburgh or breaking out as a star in the NFL with the Steelers.

However, he’s in the news again, as a photo of the running back went viral. Don’t worry, it is nothing bad.

The photo in question shows Conner’s back. And, well, he’s absolutely jacked. Now the running back has responded to the picture.

James Conner goes the humble route. He starts off by joking that it was just the angle. Then he talked about genetics and the work that he has been putting in when it comes to working out.

Of course, he was flexing too. That much was obvious though. If anyone looked like that without flexing they would probably be the scariest person alive.

This is great news for Steelers fans. Conner is apparently in absolutely incredible shape. And coming off his 2019 this is certainly encouraging.

Last season, James Conner appeared in just 10 games. In that time, he ran the ball 116 times for 464 yards and four touchdowns. The 4.0 yards per carry was decent, but a big drop from the season prior (4.5).

Conner also appeared in fewer games and had eight less rushing touchdowns than he did in 2018 (12). It was pretty clear he was not 100% even when he was playing last season. So seeing the running back in this type of shape is extremely positive.

It looks like Conner has bulked up and is on a mission to stay healthy and produce big numbers in 2020. Looking at this picture, it’s hard to doubt him. And even if you do doubt him, are you going to say anything to someone that looks like that?