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Pittsburgh Steelers become affiliate of AAF’s Birmingham Iron


The Pittsburgh Steelers are now officially an affiliate of the Birmingham Iron of The Alliance of American Football, a new professional football league that formally launched over the weekend. With The Alliance of American Football now slated to serve as somewhat of a feeder league for the NFL, it appears as though the Steelers are all in.

As a result of this newfound partnership, former NFL players that mostly recently suited up for Pittsburgh will be added to the Iron’s roster.

The league rules for “AAF” affiliates are as follows:

“Phase 1: College Selection

“Player will be allocated to Alliance teams based on where they competed in college. If a player’s college is outside The Alliance footprint, the selection process moves to Phase 2.”

“Phase 2: Professional Selection:

“Player will be allocated to Alliance teams based on their most recent NFL or CFL team.”

“Phase 3: Open Selection:

“If a player’s college is outside The Alliance allocation footprint AND he did not play in the NFL or CFL, then he is unallocated and available to be tendered a contract by any Alliance team.”

Several former Steelers players currently find themselves on Birmingham’s roster as well, a list that includes wide receiver L’Damian Washington, offensive lineman Larson Graham, safety Jacob Hagen, cornerback Jamar Sumers, and defensive lineman Johnny Maxey.