The Pittsburgh Steelers are going with Ben Roethlisberger for one last ride before he hangs up his cleats for good and heads off to Canton, Ohio. However, the Steelers' backup quarterback job has long been expected to be handed to Mason Rudolph.

However, it turns out that Dwayne Haskins, the former first-round selection out of Ohio State, might be surpassing Rudolph for the backup gig. According to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, Haskins got some work with the first team over the weekend.

The Steelers opened the preseason in the Hall of Fame Game against the Dallas Cowboys in what feels like an eternity ago. Mason Rudolph went 6-9 for 84 yards and Haskins went 8-13 for 54 yards. In the Steelers' second game, Rudolph went 8-9 for 77 yards, but Haskins one-upped him by going 16-22 for 161 yards and a touchdown pass.

It's true that the Hall of Fame Game is the first preseason game of the year and it isn't as definitive in shaping the conditions which will give rise to roster cuts. The third preseason game of the year is usually seen as the main dress rehearsal for the regular season and a better indicator of where backups are going to land on various rosters, but it could be the case in Pittsburgh that the Hall of Fame Game contained more significance than it usually possesses.

Obviously, nobody is coming for Roethlisberger's job, but the backup spot could be the heir to the Steelers' quarterback throne, something that hasn't been open for a very long time.

After he fell out of favor with the Washington Football Team, perhaps Haskins has found a new home and a chance to restart his career. Learning from Ben Roethlisberger is a good way to gain fresh understanding of how to be a pro quarterback and learn the nuances of the position.