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Trevor Ariza to Wizards for Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers

Trevor Ariza

The Phoenix Suns are trading Trevor Ariza to the Washington Wizards for Kelly Oubre and Austin Rivers, according to a a report from Stadium.

This is obviously huge news. For both teams.

The Washington Wizards get a veteran talent who — at least with some presumption taking place — help guide the franchise through a tough time. One, mind you, where people were only recently requesting the franchise blow up the entire roster.

Not in a literal way. That would be called murder. Instead, it was in figurative fashion.

As for the Phoenix Suns, they are still somewhat rebuilding. While there’s a nice young nucleus in Phoenix, the Suns aren’t exactly stepping on winning’s doorstep. With rookies and dudes under 25 all over the roster, adding to it with a promising talent Kelly Oubre is a good deal. Not to mention, even with all the flack he receives, Austin Rivers is pretty good at basketball.

Obviously, only time will tell how well this trade ultimately works out for both franchises involved, but we have one of our first mega-trades of the NBA season. With the trade deadline looming like a monster of your bed at night (spoiler), expect more crazy things to happen in the NBA landscape.