GG Jackson, the No. 1 player in the class of 2023, just made history for North Carolina, Unfortunately for Tar Heels fans, it's not a moment they'll want to remember. The 5-star forward became the first UNC decommit since 2003, when J.R. Smith infamously skipped college for the NBA draft.

College basketball fans, as reactive as they are, started conjuring up reasons for decommitment right away. Is it NIL money, a chance to go pro early or a simple change in what Jackson wants? According to his most recent social media post and current reports, it seems like a combination of all three.

“I have decided to decommit from UNC to explore other options that can help me grow from a teenage boy to an adult and to put me in the best position to reach my dream goal which is the NBA,” Jackson said on Twitter.

Initial reports following the Jackson's decision to leave the Tar Heels suggest he will reclassify into the class of 2022 and sign with the South Carolina Gamecocks. Doing so would put Jackson back at home and in the hearts of local NIL sponsors, which is obviously a favorable situation. Most importantly though, reclassifying and entering college a year early makes him eligible for the 2023 NBA Draft.

If everything goes as planned, Jackson will enter college a top-five recruit in his class. The athletic forward will have plenty of chances to impress NBA scouts at the next level. Come next summer, the world could be hearing Jackson's name called early on in the draft.