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Enes Kanter just cost a dentist 7.5 years in jail, Knicks center responds

New York Knicks forward-center Enes Kanter may have caused a dentist seven and a half years in prison for taking a picture.

As reported by TurkeyPurge, a dentist known as A.I.B. has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison, more than a year after he was detained due to his picture with Kanter at the balcony of an Istanbul clinic.

The report added that the dentist was sent to jail pending trial in October 2016. He was reported to police as the owner of a dental clinic after Kanter posted a picture of him together with former prosecutors Zekeriya Oz and Celal Kara.

In fact, Kanter, Kara, and Oz face outstanding arrest warrants due to their ties to the Gulen movement, who started a failed coup on July 15, 2016. The group denied such involvement to the coup as well as any terror-related activities.

Kanter, meanwhile, responded to the news on Twitter:

Some responded that Kanter should use his position and influence to help the dentist out.

The report also noted that A.I.B. revealed that Kanter, Kara, and Oz were his former patients. Eventually, the dentist was released from prison but on house arrest. His wife, known as E.K.B. faces 15 years in prison over similar charges in a different investigation.

The couple is just two of at least 60,000 people remanded in prison over pending trial due to alleged ties to the Gullen movement.

Meanwhile, Kanter’s trouble with the Turkish government has brought him more trouble, but the Knicks big man had already said that he won’t give up on his beliefs.