Thunder news: Frank Vogel says Paul George has 'Allen Iverson's instincts in Scottie Pippen's body'
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Frank Vogel says Paul George has ‘Allen Iverson’s instincts in Scottie Pippen’s body’

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Paul George’s former head coach Frank Vogel gave him a Hall of Fame-worthy compliment saying he always thought the former has “Allen Iverson’s instincts in Scottie Pippen’s body” on defense, according to Erik Horne of The Oklahoman.

The lanky 6-foot-9 Oklahoma City Thunder forward is leading the league in steals with 2.84 per game, just like the two Hall of Famers Vogel compared him to had in the past.

Despite Michael Jordan’s hawking dominance in the steals department, Pippen was able to get himself a steals crown in 1994-95, when his 232 steals and 2.94 average made him the No. 1 thief of that season.

Iverson won three consecutive steals titles (2000-03), tying Jordan in a very underrated achievement.

George could be bound to get his first steals title this season, as the Thunder’s length at all positions allow him to visualize passing lanes and disrupt drives like he’s never been able to do in his time with the Pacers.

OKC’s frenetic pace from end-to-end often gets opponents into a race, making rushed decisions with the ball, which plays right into George’s anticipation skills and his length, which he’s used to pick pockets throughout his career.

Vogel is a witness of this very commodity during his days with the Indiana Pacers, able to make the most of George’s mix of sheer length and athleticism, along with a hawk’s eye to see plays before they happen.