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Sam Presti responds to Kevin Durant’s scathing comments toward OKC

Thunder, Sam Presti, Kevin Durant

A newly-bearded Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti responded to Kevin Durant’s scathing comments about the organization and its employees during an interview with WSJ. Magazine. The longtime executive didn’t go into details, but noted the organization has done everything that’s been asked of it during his tenure in OKC.

“I think we’ve been 100% consistent about the way we feel about him, recognizing his contributions to the team and the city,” said Presti, according to Erik Horne of The Oklahoman. “If there’s anything Kevin Durant ever needed from me or anyone here, it would be (at a) moment’s notice. I have nothing but positive things to say about him and his tenure here.”

Durant however spoke about their hostile reception upon returning to Chesapeake Energy Arena as a member of the Golden State Warriors, with team managers and other employees having rather nasty reactions to his presence.

The Thunder might have fulfilled its obligations while Durant still wore the Thunder uniform, but they were not expected to continue that grace for a player who then was wearing a different jersey.

Presti however won’t go into specifics as to what went on, besides the fact that he made it known that his contributions through the course of his tenure in OKC were greatly appreciated.

Durant still holds a major grudge with the way the franchise and the community handled his exit, saying that while he considered a potential return to the city, he would no longer feel like the Thunder is a viable franchise to return to.